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The Inventor Assistance Program depends on volunteers like you to help under-resourced inventors navigate the patent application and grant procedure. The support you offer can deliver tremendous impact for inventors, being the catalyst to turn their ideas into tangible assets.

Our volunteers provide support to under-resourced inventors throughout the patent application and grant procedure.

This includes the following services:
  • drafting and filing of patent applications
  • managing patent applications, including filing divisional applications, amendments, conversions, withdrawal, and requests for substantive examination and publication
  • other correspondence with the patent office
  • prosecution before the patent office

Some of our volunteers also offer prior art searching.

These services may be requested with respect to national filings and through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Volunteers are also asked to update the program on major milestones of the case, such as filing of the patent application, office actions, and granting of a patent.

Learn more about how the IAP Online Platform works by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions